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In fact every camera have its own specific camera Lenses lenses and different from each lens. Lens is the important component of camera without lens you don’t take any picture. From this point if you will use better quality lens then you will take full HD pictures easily and automatically.

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To begin with mostly, the focal length is calculated with mm, the greater number of mm means that it will zoom more and more. And the low number means that it will take extra wide angle that is impossible with other lenses. Along with the higher lenses about 50mm means that the focus of the view is smaller.

The best lenses for DSLR or mirror less cameras are:




Canon EF

Camera lens is the main part of the camera that we will use for good result of image or video with its HD resolution With this purpose. There are so many types of camera lenses that we use like canon Lenses, telephoto lens ,macro lens. Here you will know about the portrait lens that is used for amazing portrait shots. With the help of normal lens you will take normal pictures. The other way some other types of lenses are

  1. macro lens,
  2. wide-angle,
  3. medium telephoto,
  4.  short telephoto ,
  5. Specialty lens.

1.     Macro lens:

As a result macro lens is used for close up extremely focusing of the subject. So that when you will view it on the large display it will shows the tiny details always with fully features by using about it.

Advantages and disadvantages’:


  1. Fully close up shots.
  2. Good portrait effects and bokeh
  3. New trend of photograph


  1. Expensive
  2. Difficult to handling the macro lens
  3. Difficult for beginners of other types of photography

Best macro lenses:

  1.  Sigma macro 105 mm
  2. Tokina atx-i    100mm
  3. Canon RF        85mm
  4. ——- EF_S    35mm
  5. ——- EF_M   28mm
  6. Nikon Z            105mm
  7. Tamron SP       90mm
  8. Sigma macro   105mm

2.     Wide-angle:

Definitely any camera lens of a focal length is less than 35mm is called wide angle. It is used in photography and cinematography. Of course these are often used Such as to shoot city view because its width is easily capturing the huge crowd and rush city streets as well.

Wide angle lens advantages disadvantages


  1. Easily photography of a large object
  2. Wide apertures
  3. Interesting perspective


  1. Issues of distortion due to wide angle
  2. Not flatter the portrait
  3. Expensive with high quality

3.  Medium telephoto:

It is long bigger and heavy focal length of view around 10-30 degree. With the full frame sensor it will 70-200 mm lens. Similarly it fills up especially the gap between the standard zoom and the longer zoom also. Therefore, if you want more zoom shot then it s the best lens at all.

Advantages disadvantages


  1. Used in especially wildlife for making distance between you and the subject
  2. Shot without any physically move.


  1. Heavy and bulky
  2. Need tripod to handle and balance the lens.

4 . Short telephoto:

Accordingly, this type of lens is most versatile and useful because it is full frame camera along with the focal length around 85mm-135mm which is consider short telephoto. Usually lens is consider telephoto if length of focal is 60 millimeter or long. It is mostly use in both way with the professional photographer and amateur.

Advantages disadvantages


  1. Used in especially wildlife for making distance between you and the subject
  2. Shot without any physically move


  1. Heavy and bulky
  2. Need tripod to handle and balance the lens.

5 .Specialty lens:

Undoubtedly, the specialty lenses are designed with focal planes that are moveable. Especially it has amazing depth and focus closely of a small and tiny object with the help of soft focus portrait finally.

Questioning and Answering?

How many types of camera lenses?

ANS: There are two types of camera lenses zoom lens and prime lens.

Which lens is used in mobile camera?

ANS: Concave lens is used for mobile cameras mostly for focus an image of a film.

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