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Now every person in this world wants to become a rich or become a rich man.Money is the solution to many daily life problems. But we don’t know how to become rich overnight, how to become a billionaire or become a richest person.

People tend to know the ways to get rich. Some even wanted to become rich fast even in one day. Let me tell you one thing guys, you cannot be rich in one day. It takes time. But with full desire to become rich, you may become a millionaire in short time and become a richest man in the world.

how to become a rich man in the world
how to become a rich man in the world

There are many ways to become rich. These are the ways of success persons.

You just have to focus on the respective way. Below I will tell you best ways to become rich and wealthy. The goal of becoming a billionaire may be achieved by two main ways. Either you have money to invest or either you have not. I have also subdivided my ways into two different categories; one for investors and one for professionals. Don’t confuse with the word professional. If you have no money nor any qualification, no problem. You will be a professional after reading this article.

I have sub-divided my article in two main categories, Preparation and Working….

So let’s start with the first segment:

The best ways to become richest man in short time:

The most important thing for becoming rich is your will. If you want to become rich, do not wish for money but have a desire for it. There should be no room left behind when you start, if you want to become rich you should have to become rich. There should be no if’s and but’s. make the will that you shall never let it go. Now if you are willing then do the following.

1.    Set your goal

This is very important. If you want to become rich but you do not have any goal in your mind than all your efforts will go in vain. Set your goal. how to become a rich young man,ask yourself what you want to become, millionaire or billionaire?. You should be realistic, not optimistic while answering this question. See what you can achieve and set this as a goal.

2.    Every take has a give

Keep this in mind that you have to sacrifice to something to achieve your goal. It could be anything. Your time, your relations and even your current job. If you want to get something be prepared to give something.

3.    Think about the idea

How to become a rich businessman?The idea is key to success. Look around, every successful business has uniqueness and some different idea at its base. Bill gates got an idea to make a graphical interface for computers and became the richest person in the world. A simple student of the university got an idea to connect students with each other via a website and now his website Facebook is earning many billion dollars monthly. So to become rich idea is important. Just think about it and guess if you have any workable idea in your mind or not.

4.    Start your plan

Now once you have a unique idea in your mind start your plan. Your effort should be a most appropriate way to achieve your aim. Work, way of work, place, gradual increase everything should be specified in your plan. Your plan would work step by step to achieve the goal.

5.    Note down

When I say note down, it means to write down each and everything on to the paper. Read this paper daily. Remember what you have set your goal and what is your plan. Remembering it periodically will boost up your activities and make easy to achieve the goal of becoming rich.

Now once you have planned what you are going to work on it. Until now we have learned planning. What how to implement it? What are the practical ways to become rich? Here comes the implementation stage. I have sub-divided this stage into two main categories; without money and by investing money. Let’s have a look at both of these categories.


No Money? No Tention….. Just follow these steps:

If you have no money than no need to take tension. You can start your work online and become a rich person very shortly even without using a single penny. However, you should have some gadgets like laptop or PC and a good internet connection to earn money online. Here are some online works you can do online and become rich.

1.    Blogging

Blogging is no doubt best way to earn money online. Thousands of success stories are out there that a person having no money in his pocket starts blogging and earned millions of dollars in few months. At this time I am writing these lines and there are the people who are earning even $100 per words by blogging.

If you are going to start your business as a blogger, keep in mind a couple of things. It is not required to be a professional for a blogger. Desire and hard work are more important.

Secondly, do not go for free blog sites like bloggers etc. because they will give you a sub-domain only which is not perfect to earn money.

Have your own domain name and hostings. Nowadays there are many websites offering these services very cheaply like etc. once you start your blog. Post the quality material respective to your niche on daily basis. Do some SEO techniques to popularise your blog. Never assume to earn money from the very first day. But when your blog becomes the first pager of the search engine, you will earn money in bulk. And you will become rich in few days. I will write a detailed article on blogging separately.

2.    Freelancing

How to become a rich man in the world?You have abilities but do not have money even to buy domain name for your blog? Go for freelancing. There are thousands of bloggers out there who can not write due to lack of time and other matters. They will pay you for writing. You are a graphic designer, a freelance your profession. You will surely get a handsome amount in return.

3.    Create youtube channel

Allow me to write guys that youtube is the most rewarding platform for the beginners and professionals. Create your youtube channel for free. Work on it, gain views per video and start earning. Simple.

4.    Outsourcing

Many foreign companies offer very handsome amount in foreign currencies for work. You can get the work and distribute to local guys on very less amount. This will give you huge profit in return. You have seen advertisement by many companies in local newspapers or billboards for online work. Actually they all are outsourcing. They make deals with foreign companies and distribute work in local people and earn huge amount.

5.    Manage social media profile

Socal media is playing vital role earning money. There are many popular pages and business accounts who offer to pay for managing their social media accounts. You should have to maintain the profile and do efforts to increase users and likers. In return you will get money.

there are hundreds of other ways to earn money and become rich without money. But they all are time consuming and work on slow pace. Now below are few ways to earn money if you have money and want to invest it.

Have money??? Make it capital…

1.    Forex trading

Investing money in forex trading is very profitable business. But it requires some skills. You should have sound knowledge of markets specially online markets. Luck also plays a role. But I am sure that if you have some know-how of money trading than you should go for forex trading.

2.    Food processing, marketing

This is the first practical and non-online way I am telling you and I choose food because this is a most running business of all the time. You may start your career from food processing. Purchase food from local growers. Process it and sell to markets. This will surely make you rich within days. Your commitment is a key factor in the success. Food marketing is also related. You can simply trade food from one location to other where it is required.

3.    Online store

The online store does not mean you have to introduce your brand to sell. It means you simply start the trading online. Buy running items at a wholesale rate and sell via the online store. Get the online orders and supply the items required. This is best business to become rich if you have some money in your pocket and willing to be rich.

At the conclusion, I insist you guys to plan your way to become rich. Planning is most important to become rich overnight. No matter You have a stunning business idea or not, you have the money or not, you should have planned at least. Ideas are not always perfect. But planning should be perfect. First of all, plan the things and then go on practical work. Success will surely at your doorstep.

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