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what is amazon?

Amazon is the first largest online digital retailer and service provider in the world. The fonder of Amazon is Jeff Bezos in 1994. Here you can sell anything that you can imagine. Today here we will discuss about Amazon Affiliate ,amazon prime and also know what is amazon affiliate program and how to create an amazon affiliate.

How to earn from Amazon?

How to earn from Amazon? Here I will show you two different ways to earn from Amazon.

  • Firstly, you will start selling your own product on Amazon through FBA. You need to develop your own product. For this purpose you will have to buy readymade bulk from or you can import bulk from chine wholesale market and you must use with your proper logo and packaging design. Visit aliexpress and you can buy only 20 or 40 products because the aliexpress (not a wholesale) allows buying product
  • Secondly start Amazon affiliate marketing and sell with the referral link of Amazon associates.

And simply sell on Amazon and get the sale response and earn money online from Amazon easily.

What to start selling on Amazon:

It has the biggest selection of products with the range of category like, music, electronics, furniture, personal care, jewelry, grocery items, fashion trends; kindle books and each of everything which can buy online. It is the largest internet company in the world that has made good revenue.

Amazon introduce now Amazon kindle where people can find and buy, eBooks, magazines, newspaper, stories books etc. now people can order books easily accordingly to their choices.

What is an Amazon affiliate?

Amazon affiliate or Amazon associate program is one of the world’s biggest affiliate networks that can help the publishers, content creators and websites owners to monetize the traffic. With the help of it you will not only get commission on that product that you will refer through link but also you will earn the other product that user may have to purchase it on the Amazon store. Then you will get commission through this.

With the help of Amazon affiliate you will promote the product through affiliate link. For this purpose you make a proper website or blog, a YouTube channel where you will promote the referral Amazon affiliate link. Simple create fan following page like Facebook page, twitter, website, account and Google blogger.

If you want to become a seller on Amazon then visit the Amazon signup page and click on ‘’Register now’’ for the process of registration.

And if you don’t have any accounts on Amazon then click here and learn how to create an account.

You can also find here:

How to create a YouTube channel

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If you not live in USA you can delivery your product on Amazon FBA. And If you don’t know what is FBA then click here.

What to sell on Amazon:

The answer is you will sell following categories:

  1. Toys
  2. Games
  3. Books
  4. Clothes
  5. Video games
  6. Camera
  7. Medicines
  8. Home and kitchen
  9. Beauty products
  10. Gadgets and much more.

What is Amazon business account?

With Amazon business account you will get to approach to the thousand of seller those will offer business on selection with much quantity discounts also time saving that can be helpful for you to grow your business extra better.

What is Amazon prime?

It is the membership program to sell on amazon that is offering the best shopping and entertainment in Amazon. It also is including the best benefits like as free delivery on the items that is eligible. With 2 hours of free delivery on whole food, get deals on early access, entertainment benefits that are include in prime reading, prime video, Amazon music, prime games etc. according with prime business get free shipping on the eligible items and also get unlock the best Amazon business.

You will get free trial of prime business for 30 days.

The total cost of membership per month is $12.99

What is Amazon dropshipping?

If you want to sell things with zero investment then Amazon drop shipping is the best option for you. A lot of people confuse in Amazon drop shipping with the Amazon FBA – it is totally different things these are not same.

With the help of Amazon FBA, you want to deliver the product in bulk to Amazon Centers in drop shipping you don’t buy anything with bulk quantity.

What is the commission on Amazon?

Amazon gives commission to their seller on category wise:

On Amazon games you will get 20% commission.

Luxury Stores Beauty, Amazon Explore you will get 10% commission.

Physical Music, Digital Music, Digital Music, and Handmade you will get 5% commission.

Kitchen, Automotive, Physical Books get 4% commission.

Toys, Furniture, Pets Products, Headphones, Sports, and Baby Products get 3% commission.

All other categories you will get 4% commission.

Which documents do I need to sell on Amazon?

  • Required Paperwork (Amazon Seller Account Checklist)
  • Required Business information. Legal business name, contact information and address.
  • Email address that can is used for only this company’s account. …
  • Required credit card. …
  • Phone numbers is also required.
  • Tax identification is required.
  • And State tax ID.

What is standard size on Amazon?

The standard size of item is the one that is fully packaged; it weighs 20 pounds or less and weighs no more. Its longest side is 18 inches. The 14 inches in middle. Its smallest side is 8 inches.

Which product is best for import from China?

To sell on amazon the most popular and best product to import from China is:

  • An Apparel.
  • The electronics.
  • Plastics articles and made of plastics.
  • Accessories import.
  • Small kitchen appliances import.

At last, it is totally depend on your choice that which method is suitable for you. I have clearly describe all the method here. Please share this information with your friends and social media if this article is helpful for you.

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