What is Article | How to Write an Article | How to Write a Blog Post

What is article? writing is a material that is read by the audience is called article. If we use the best quality content then it will create huge range of visitors or readers. Any article is written when you will built up the public relation for generating communication through knowledgeable information. With the help of this technique lots of organization get more traffic to their websites and increase visitor every day and every week.

It will also helpful for the users and the admin both because when the user comes to their website he will get the relevant information for which he will based on to come your websites. he will collect the accurate information and the admin gets more income if the visitor stays most on his content. on the other hand if you delivery good and to the point information the user come again to you website again in future  because he will trust your content.  

For this point of view we will discuss in this article that how to write a blog post and how to start an article you will also find that what is the best tip and tricks for writing an article.

What is Article | How to Write an Article | How to Write a Blog Post

How to write a good article:

Every beginner wants to know that how to write a good article that is eye catching and create interest to the audience.

here are the following few steps that you will follow to find that how to write a blog post outline.

  • choose the topic that is high searching
  • researching methods
  • use of outlines always
  • talk to the point
  • think and add few steps from yourself
  • try simple and easy way
  • use of active and passive voice content
  • add searching keywords from Google
  • Read books and newspapers

Choose the topics that is high searching :

Firstly, you will choose the topic that is highly searching because it will on trending and a number of people are search about those thing. If you want to become a professional article writer then you will suggest your client to choose demanding topics that will gives him a passive income. So it is most important thing for  you to share your suggestions to your client for getting more work in future.

Researching methods:

It is the best  way to find how to write a good article? Because researching is make your topic informative. You will get proper search from the Google or any social media platform like face book, twitter, reddit, tumbler, YouTube or pinterest  for collecting some knowledge and it will help you a lot.

Use of outlines always:

To make out the content deep info and eye-catching and developing interest to the visitor then  you will use outline must in the paragraph. Because mostly people read the outlines and get the idea from it so it is important to put the bullets or numbering in the description area. It is very necessary as become a professional writer. And it will also developed great effect on the users mind. That why he will visit your content again and again.

Talk to the point:

For being an article writer you will must try to summarize you work and ever talk to the point things. don’t use extra ordinary things which don’t need. If you will use a briefly description without any reason that the chances will increase that the user will leave the content. So keeping mind that  your article is to the point and not too boring. you should not use also the same words repeating it also makes dull it. And not consider better in the SEO language.  

Think and add few steps from you:

You will also add your own tips and suggestion along with the client briefing. if you have some relevant information about the current topic then you will must try to add some extra instruction from you. It will makes the rich content by add some extra details.

Try simple and easy way:

Try to write in simple and easy writing techniques . That is apt, clear and accurate to the users without repeat the words. Make  content that  is descriptive and easy  to understand. Because  mostly professional content worker distribute their article in three steps

1. title (introduction)

2. description( inner)

3.Conclusion (final words).

so they will make it clear and easy to read the readers.

Use of active and passive voice content:

In the starting age, you will use active voice more and more. But if you pitch out as a professional writer then use of passive article is more reliable source. But if we will go with the SEO strategy then it will consider to use it the  both way passive and active equally. So must try to follow these rules before writing.

Add searching keywords from Google:

Add searching keywords in the description area so that the SEO ranking is rapidly increase. So that the big audience is generate to your site and you will get and earn money much more.

Read books and newspapers:

Reading novels books and newspapers on daily routine can not only improve your knowledge about writing. Even it will rise your data. You will get the word synonyms and improve vocabulary. Your sentence structure and sentence length idea and also helps out grammarly. it is the last and final tip.


At last but least you will try all these steps which I have discuss in the upper paragraph. It will help you in professional article writhing. Finally, it is the source of income and earn money at home with following these steps. You will become a professional.

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