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Now these days every person wants to know about how to start a low cost business from home? Because people are mostly searching about which is the best business to start with low investment? But in this current situation when everyone stay at home and social distancing is important so in this situation common people are prefer to work home based business opportunities that is more effective and best home based business now. Here we will discuss different types of best home based business ideas, small home based business ideas, home based business ideas for students, home based business for women etc that should be very informative and helpful for you.

Normally people will ask what is the best home business to start is? The answer is small investment home based business ideas because if you have no income to built up your business that it is one of the most attractive thing with low investment home based business ideas.

Therefore here are the top 21 unique home based business ideas and also part time home based business that will help you to make money online at home without investment.

best-business-ideas-with-low-investment Home Based Business Ideas
  1.  Pets farming
  2. Fish farming
  3. Beauty products
  4. Art and craft
  5. Clothes business
  6. Online teaching
  7. Match maker
  8. Poultry farm
  9. Sell used laptop
  10. Sell second hand mobiles
  11. Uber/careem driver
  12. Property dealer
  13. House renting
  14. Driving courses
  15. Cooking
  16. Beautician
  17. Photography
  18. Rent a car
  19. Dairy business
  20. Rent out you property
  21. Gym center

1.Pets farming

This home base business ideas is now going on trending. It is the best and successful home based business that is more profitable. You will start this business without any huge budget. you will just purchase one pet and take good care to  that pet the you will make picture and post it in to different social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram etc. when people are searching online pets they will purchase it from you. Then you will increase your business rapidly through this trick.

2.Fish farming

As I discuss earlier fish farming is also great most successful home based businesses idea that is available today. Even this type of business is also gives you more income at all. fish farming is easy to start you just arrange fish and easily start it through fish farming.

3.Beauty products

It is another source of online business that is more reliable. If you have some ideas about beauty products then you will handle it easily because it is top leading home based business for housewife and women. Undoubtedly, it is the basic need of every woman that will make them more beautiful and more attractive. For this reason

4.Art and craft

It is also the best homemade business idea that is highly profitable for you. You can do it easily if you are expert in this art and craft field. Simply you will perform different art n craft activity and sell your art on the online websites or offline you will sell your craft on the market as well.

5.Clothes business

This business is very popular if you have some basic ideas about textile designing. Sewing the clothes and finally sale it on the market or online shopping store to earn money online at home.

Mostly people are doing this business and earn money with both ways online and offline.

6.Online teaching

Now this type of business is going top trends these days. No matter if you have don’t extra income to start it you just simply make some tutorial videos and upload it on YouTube and other online teaching websites to make money online at home. Even, you will take online classes and also gives home tuition or tutoring to the students. This is the most authentic way.

7.Match maker

It is also a business and now makes a local trend these days. Many people are opening the proper marriage bureau as a match maker. It’s totally depends on your interest type. Match making is a good and profitable homemade business and it is the best way to earn money online at home.

8.Poultry farm

Sometimes, it is the best business but on the other hand it is making loss.

Because it is very highly profit business that totally depends upon your luck. Usually it is more time taking with huge investment so being conscious to start this business first and read all the instruction about starting this project.

9. Sell used laptop

Used laptop sale idea is unique and amazing. At start, you will purchase some laptops that are not costly then you will sale it on social media platforms easily without any charges fee. It will paying you highly income.

10.Sell second hand mobiles

As I provided that the upper paragraph you will sale out the used and second hand mobile to get extra money.

It is also highly paying business at all.

11.Uber/careem driver

Driving is very easy job if you are expert then you will go with Uber or Careem driver easily. You will no need to require any degree you just want some driving skills then start it earlier. It is the great source on online income.

12.Property dealer

No specific skill or education and no extra money can be required for this business. As started it with just print out some flyer for your identity logo and your name as well then go outside and paste it on the streets wall and shopping mall or you will advertise yourself with dropping the flyer from door to door. It is the best option to advertise you because property business is going on high competition and it is the best way to become popular and grow your customer and audience through advertising your business name. Therefore, you will earn a lot of money because it is highly commission base business at all.

13.House renting

If you have a house or owner of the house then turn it on the house rent and earn money without any investment at home easily. It is the best source of income these days; therefore mostly people are doing house renting for the permanent income with one time investment.

14. Driving courses

Arrange some students accordingly and then given driving classes. This is the easiest way to earn money online

15.  Cooking

Cooking is also profitable business you will require some cooking knowledge then start online home base cooking. You will contract some social websites like, food panda and many other different types of food apps. When a person orders something these apps will inform the specific order that you will prepare.

The service food providers collect it from your house then deliver it to the customers. Finally you will get your income. This is the best idea that we tells you.

16. Beautician

You will learn proper courses about beautician then started the services or make a parlor/salon. When the season of marriages started this business grows well and gives you high money.


Photography is another way to make money online at home. Take some HD pictures with high resolution camera then sell it on online photography websites like

  1. Freepik
  2. Shutterstock
  3. Adobe stock

It will give you some commission. Also you can cover lots of social gatherings parties, weddings, birthday’s events etc to make more money.

18. Rent a car

It is another type of Homebase business that gives high profit to you. Give your personal car on rent for 5000 to 10000 PKR per day. It is the most highly demanding idea that gives you more profit.

19.  Dairy business

As the online business grows the dairy business is also going on the top of score. You will supply milk and dairy products to different companies if you have dairy forms. This is complex but it is highly profitable and huge income business at all.

20. Rent out you property

If you are a land owner then rent out your property on the commercial use. This will help you to make a lot of money without zero investment.

21.Gym center

You will organize your gym centre it is not a low investment business because you will have a lot of money to run this business and different exercises machines are required for this purpose. So you will have huge money to purchase machines and then start this business. It is profitable but most expensive.


At the end, every business is time taking and proper management. If you plan business ideas that we will discuss here is your choice. At start you will get less income but with the passage of time your business will grow faster because these are all the authentic ideas that we have to tell you.

And last word is do hard work then success is waiting for you because everything has taking time to be fulfill.

Hopefully, you will enjoy this article. Please share it on face book and social media platforms.

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