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1.     What is FBA and how does it work?

 (FBA) is known as (Fulfillment by Amazon) it is a warehouse and shipping service that Amazon supply to help business owners to sell their own products.

Amazon then focuses on delivering, packing and picking products to the center before sending them to customers.

(FBA) is a service that is provided by Amazon via which company stores directory for online distributor when customers place an order for the any product. The store will Packs and send it to the customer. This is the way when any sellers is decide that which products to sell and how to marketed it.

2.     What is FBA fee?

The FBA Fee from Amazon is a per unit fee that is charged to customers for the purchase of items from Amazon Store.

A fee is varying depending on the category, size and weight of the item.

3.     What is FBA qualification?

Amazon FBA qualification is depends on 3-step process. If you will do well to create an account for sale on Amazon, and comply with product restrictions and inventory requirements, then you are acceptable for FBA.

4.     Can you start Amazon FBA with no money?

So when you start selling on Amazon FBA, you don’t have to pay. That’s why I said that starting sales on Amazon is almost free. The point to be noted that Amazon has many other fees, those person whose sell more than 40 items per month, but as an single seller you don’t worry about them except if you are a professional.

5.     Why are Amazon FBA fees so high?

A very few difference FBA fees are establish on size and weight, including completion fees and depository fees. The dimensions of your product are previously on the Amazon system, but these are not accurate ever. If Amazon shows your product is bigger than that, it will charge you more.

6.     How much inventory you need for Amazon FBA?

There is no requirement to send inventory to Amazon FBA. So that it is possible to test less than one unit at the time of testing the product on Amazon. You are sending a small shipment and even increase your whole shipping costs and also you can reduce profits in short term basis.

7.     How can I reduce my Amazon FBA fees?

How can I reduce my Amazon FBA fees? If your inventory is doing too much space or it is due to long term storage, you may request the removal of the inventory. it will helps for reducing the fees. Also, you can send only the quantity of inventory which you handle. The lightweight inventories and small volume lists cost less.

8.     How do I prepare FBA products?

You will just only print out the label / bar code and then your product is ready for shipping. Since you can print the shipping labels or FBA barcodes you must purchase printing paper and package boxes from stores. You can find them at Amazon, Wal-Mart, or different stores. Then go to your seller’s main dashboard and select the barcode dimensions that you need. If you live in the USA, we recommend using 30 up label on the US letter.

For your box you need to print two different shipping labels. One label is for shipping company which can help them know the complementary hub for shipping your product, while the other label is used for Amazon which is to decide that what’s in the box. To want this shipping label, you just click ‘Print Box Labels’. Labels will be created as PDF files. Now save labels in your computer and print it with the printer. Finally, you will separate all the labels and then place them on package box. Make sure that you don’t cover labels when you tap them, as we know that Amazon will want to scan the labels. One it is ready, you can dispatch the box to your carrier company for shipping goods.

9.     Can I ship directly to Amazon FBA from Alibaba?

Of course yes, you can ship directly from Alibaba to Amazon FBA if the distributor use an authorize delivery person or UPS. But you have to confirm that the package box and the items contain the necessary details before sending. If no, then your inventory may be rejected or lost. Barcode and product feature will correctly must

Another point is to note that is the quality of the product. Many suppliers had very bad experiences with their products because they did not proper test to their products before shipping. At shipping first, it is make sure that your product is having a good quality.

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